The Fund’s Business Project Services

The main functions of the National Fund for the Promotion and Protection of Investments are to attract and protect investments and increase income while minimizing risks for investors on the one hand and the implementation of business projects on the other.

Our cooperation process is as follows:

  • Investors approach us with the intention of investing in various business projects. The Fund committee selects promising business projects to receive investments. It can be a financial instrument or a business project.
  • The profit received from the project is distributed among investors on a pro-rata basis, which is agreed at the negotiation stage.
  • Fund managers receive dividends or other types of remuneration provided for by the contract.

After the completion of the agreed operation, the investor can continue to cooperate with the Fund, and the managers will look for new directions for investments, or withdraw their resources. Before choosing a project for investment, we conduct in-depth analysis. We strive to ensure effective investment management, therefore we take into account all factors:

+ Political;

+ Economic;

+ Social;

+ Technical and technological.

Our services cover all aspects related to financing and investment in business projects. This is an audit of the external environment of the market and internal processes of the company, the study of project prospects, the definition of all indicators. We also fully study the legal and marketing aspects of the transaction, its risks and possible losses. We carry out all strategic work in order to have complete information and offer our clients the best solutions.

Benefit from cooperation with the Fund  Investors do not need to spend time monitoring and analyzing the market and financial instruments. Our experienced employees with the appropriate skills and knowledge are responsible for this. At the same time, investors can count on specific recommendations in matters of making investment deposits. We provide professional advice on all components of financial transactions for both parties to the transaction: investors and business project owners.

Business Project Services

The Fund provides services for business projects that require investment. We help to attract deposits from individuals and private equity funds to the company in order to acquire capital for the development and promotion of a project or to protect our resources. Based on these needs, we work with the business in two directions:

  1. Projects apply to our Fund for financial support. We consider the request, study the prospects and risks, and after approval, we attract investors who are interested in investing in the chosen area. In this way, you can get investments for launching a new enterprise or developing an existing business.
  2. Companies are looking for investors to make various changes in their business. Funds are often needed to modernize production, expand and launch new products, or diversify. It is much more profitable to arrange funds from an investment fund and find an investor than traditional lending.

The main advantages of an investment deal:

  • you can choose the right conditions;
  • prescribe specific items to fit your needs;
  • choose the form of investment;
  • repayment of deposits is carried out from profit and without the need for regular loan repayments.

Our specialists develop special conditions that are suitable for both parties to the contract. They are created individually after studying the tasks and goals, prospects and characteristics of the market.

Investments for business projects

The National Investment Fund selects an investment method that suits the tasks of the planned enterprise or business project. In particular, these are the following options for attracting investment:

Project financing i.e. attraction of investments in a specific project. This approach ensures a partnership with an interested investor in your particular line of business. The fund selects a reliable partner for you by putting in place the legal documentation of the project and presenting a business plan to a potential investor. Our employees deliver information competently and to targeted addressees in order to get a 100% result and confirmation of investment in your company.

Direct investments. Such transactions involve not just financing for the enterprise, but with the right to have control over management and take part in decisions on the project. Our Fund helps to attract a partner who will become an active participant in the business. Often these are foreign investor companies.

Venture funding. Such investments are required for high-risk projects. The conditions for the injection of funds may include the ownership of capital or shares of the company.

To fulfill its investment goals, the Fund attracts investors of different categories – banks, funds, private entrepreneurs or venture capital companies.

Business Project Services

Before attracting an investor, it is necessary to perform a number of preparatory steps. This will help to prepare for the deal in full at all levels – to collect and draw up competently the documentation, calculate the costs and estimated profit, determine the possible risks and the necessary marketing options.

The Fund Offers Professional Training

The Fund provides training and advice on all aspects of investment:

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory

Legal support and advice are aimed at checking the project, informing about taxation issues, drafting competent investment agreements. Lawyers perform a thorough analysis of the client’s situation in order to find the optimal solution for their conditions and tasks. We can also order an analysis of the additions to the contract, which are made by the investor, to determine whether they are suitable for your company.

Our services will help you if you need to register a company or design a product.

Financial consulting

This category of advice is also indispensable when making an investment transaction. Experts will perform a number of work with calculations:

  • building a financial plan
  • calculation of the required amounts for a business project;
  • cost optimization;
  • calculation of taxes;
  • profit forecast;
  • selection of a suitable investment product.

Financial planning contributes to the competent construction of activities while minimizing risks.

Marketing Consulting

These services will be useful for the professional presentation of a project to investors. To calculate all the costs, it is important to select marketing tools for the project and describe them. Marketing research is a way to study the market, the demand for the product, the role and prospects of the project in the market space. The recommendations of experienced marketers will help you understand what, how and in what sequence to do it for a successful implementation.

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