Investor Services

We work with different types of investors towards the successful completion of investment processes inside Moldova. We cooperate with investors who are ready to invest in projects on these terms:

  • Conscientious Investment and Long-Term Profit Making;
  • Acquisition of Shares of Companies and Active Participation in their Management.

We select business projects that correspond to the request of investors in the direction of the business and the terms of the investment agreement.

We mainly carry out the conclusion of transactions for financing such areas as robotics, the development of IT technologies, the production of medical equipment or medicines, technologies for the development of energy sources and the inbound tourism industry.

To become a potential investor, you must:

  1. Determine the size of the investment portfolio.
  2. Agree on the conditions on which the investments are planned – where the funds will go, how they will be managed, at what level of profitability to calculate and the size of the commission.
  3. Sign an agreement with the Fund.

If you want to invest in projects that are valuable for the development of Moldova and receive a fixed income, then our Fund will provide services for the preparation and support of these transactions.

Legal support

Investors have a range of rights that are determined by applicable law and agreements. To organize everything correctly, you will benefit from legal assistance:

  • Risk assessment when investing in a specific business project. This is necessary to establish the feasibility of financing the business project in question. It is important to learn about the potential and what risks are possible in the implementation process.
  • Drafting of contracts. Competent lawyers will help you draw up a legal contract, so that the investor’s rights are taken into account, and everything is above board.
  • Formation of additional conditions that are important to the investor. Additional requirements often arise, and they need to be included in the contract. Experts will formulate them correctly and include them in a draft investment agreement for you.

We will also check the recipient of investment funds for reliability, advise on taxation issues and select the best solutions. We will propose a form of investment that is profitable for you with the ownership of capital or shares of the company.

Marketing Consulting

Investors face many marketing challenges. They are associated with the choice of a product, its relevance in the market and promotion.

Consultation in this area should be obtained to understand:

  • the market, its situation and demand in this direction;
  • local pricing and market size;
  • methods of promoting and improving the project.

The analytical function of marketing allows you to dive deeper into the project, understand its constituent parts and areas.

Our consultants will analyse the market situation and provide you with detailed information so that you decide whether or not to choose a certain line of business and invest resources there.

Support for Investment Transactions

The Fund provides advice and prepares for the conclusion of an investment transaction, as well as offering their support at every stage.

Contact our investment fund if you need:

  • Participation in negotiations and legal resolution of disputes. Our experts will help you resolve disputes competently, defend your position and interests.
  • Preparation of presentations, statements, claims. In the course of an investment project, it is often necessary to solve various problems of a legal and marketing nature. Enlist our professional support to enhance the probability of a successful conclusion.
  • Representation of interests in courts and hearings. Situations that need to be resolved in court are also possible. In these matters it is difficult to achieve a positive result without serious preparation and experience.

Support at every stage of the implementation of an investment project is a guarantee in minimizing losses. Experts make every effort to ensure that the client manages possible risks.

Why You Should Work with the Fund

The National Fund for the Promotion and Protection of Investments will provide comprehensive support in the implementation of project financing operations. Cooperation with us will allow you to find a partner in our organization who:

  • Has Your best interests at heart. We select suitable strategies and projects for your needs and conditions so that you get the maximum benefit from an investment transaction.
  • Is fully involved in the process. Our task is to manage your transaction at all stages, therefore we carry out the search and selection of solutions with full dedication.
  • Ensures the safety of your investment. Investment protection is the priority goal of our fund.

We comply with all legal measures that enhance the security of finances and anticipate risks. Protection is carried out at all stages of the transaction to safeguard deposits in the Fund.

The Fund offers comprehensive solutions for the preparation and management of investment projects. You can count on the selection of an investment strategy suitable for you, taking into account the profitability and characteristics of the transaction – for the amount of capital, psychological characteristics and expectations.

Contact our consultants so that they can consider your requests and needs individually in order to draw up an action plan for your particular investment situation.

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